Rainbow Single Events hosts Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender

Long Island singles events in Long Island and the surrounding areas.

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We are currently working on hosting a singles mix and mingle fundraiser to benefit Marriage Equality New York (MENY). Approximately 85% of the proceeds of the event will go directly to MENY. Marriage Equality New York is an all-inclusive organization whose mission is to educate the public by raising awareness of the important right of all persons to enter into legally recognized gender neutral civil marriage with all the benefits and responsibilities that entails. Without marriage, committed same-sex couples are denied over 1,138 federal rights and obligations including social security, hospital visitation, co-parenting rights, estate tax, and immigration, just to name a few. Please click here to enter your information in order to be notified of this important fundraiser once details are finalized.

P.O. Box 121
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113-0121
phone/fax: 877-772-0089
www: http://www.meny.us
email: info@meny.us

Singles Events

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Throughout the year, we will be planning singles events. Events could include outings to the beach, golfing, baseball games, rock climbing, barbeques, and even singles vacations. The adventures available are limitless. Join our mailing list and get updates on our upcoming events!.

Speed Dating

You will have up to 20 unique dating experiences during the evening. Each date will last approximately 5 minutes. After each of your dates you will discretely circle on a score card whether you would be interested in meeting or talking with that person again. At the end of the night you will hand in your scorecard for us to tally. If two people both said yes, then in the next day or so you will each receive the other persons email address. Their is no limit to the number of matches you can have. Then it's up to you!

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